Episode 10 – Creating Borders

Interviewees Jiewuh Song, Serene Khader, Christian Barry, John Thrasher and Tony Coady examine the nature of borders and how we view migration.

Teacher Notes

Content overview

This episode is focussed on ethical issues arising from national borders and the migration of people. It begins from the question of why borders should be valued, and considers the arbitrary effects of borders on quality of life and freedom of movement. The episode also explores concepts of national identity, our humanitarian ethical obligations, and the ethical dilemmas which can arise from multiculturalism.

Links to Ethical Capability

• Explore the extent of ethical obligation and the implications for thinking about consequences and duties in decision-making and action (VCECD017)

• Discuss issues raised by thinking about consequences and duties, in approaches to decision-making and action, and arguments for and against these approaches (VCECD022)
• Investigate how different factors involved in ethical decision-making can be managed by people and groups (VCECD023)

Complementary curricula

Victorian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship
Victorian Curriculum: Personal and Social Capability
VCE Geography (Unit 4)

7-10 PDHPE Syllabus
HSC Geography

Questions and discussion points

  1. To what extent should we value our Australian national identity?
  2. How accurate is national identity to modern Australia, and to what extent is it based on a past Australia?
  3. What responsibility does an affluent society, like Australia, have in terms of global equality and accommodating refugees?