The presenter Dr Dan Halliday talks with the philosophers, and helps place their ideas in a real world context. All episodes are 12 minutes long.

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Episode 1 – Consequences

Interviewees Peter Singer and Caroline West explore consequentialism and ask would you, could you, kill to save others?

Episode 2 – My Rights

Interviewees John Tasioulas, Christian Barry and Peter Singer unpack the rights of an individual and explore intended and unintended consequences.

Episode 3 – Our Society

Interviewees Liz Anderson and John Thrasher examine how society should be organised and wrestle with conflicting libertarian and egalitarian points of view.

Episode 4 – Free Expression

Interviewees Robert Simpson and Caroline West explore the nature of free speech and the role of censorship.

Episode 5 – Shaping Our Bodies

Interviewees Julian Savulescu and Serene Khader discuss the effect of social assumptions on how we view our bodies, and the science we use to change them.

Episode 6 – Forgive or Punish?

Interviewees Luke Russell, John Tasioulas and Mick Dodson show how punishment can be a form of communication and examine if there is ever an unforgivable act.

Episode 7 – Ethical Consumption

Interviewees Christian Barry and Kate McDonald unwind supply chains and consider ethical consumption in a complex world.

Episode 8 – Past Injustices

Interviewees Janna Thompson, Marcia Langton and Mick Dodson explore the effect past injustices have on present generations.

Episode 9 – Religious Diversity

Interviewees Tony Coady, Monima Chadha and Bronwyn Finnigan show how we can live in a society with competing moral codes and differing religious views.

Episode 10 – Creating Borders

Interviewees Jiewuh Song, Serene Khader, Christian Barry, John Thrasher and Tony Coady examine the nature of borders and how we view migration.

Episode 11 – Animals

Interviewees Peter Singer, Bronwyn Finnigan and Julian Savulescu ask if animals have the same interests as humans and how we should ethically treat them.

Episode 12 – The Environment

Interviewees Peter Singer and Katie Steele question if the environment has its own ethical interests which overshadow those of humans.