Dialogues is a series of podcasts about ethics. With some help from people on the street, philosophers and mates, Dan Halliday and Christian Barry, mull over some of the trickier ethical questions in modern life. In some of the episodes they are joined by a philosopher who is an expert in that area of ethics.

The first three episodes are available now via Soundcloud or iTunes. Subscribe or follow us to hear future episodes. We’ll upload a new one each month.

Episodes include:

1. Charity

Dan, Christian and their mate Holly Lawford-Smith discuss if we should give more to those we know well than strangers, if charity is only for those in desperate need, and who should help the needy, the government or private charities?

2. Procreation

Dan, Christian and their mate Luara Ferracioli wonder if being able to procreate is a right, if procreation is incompatible with environmentalism, and if we have the right to determine the features of our child.

3. Parents

Dan, Christian and their mate Simon Keller discuss if there should be limits to what parents can do to help their own children, if parents should treat their children differently from a stranger, and if parental support should be unconditional.

4. Immigration

Dan, Christian and their mate Luara Ferracioli discuss if Australian should take more or less migrants, how migrants change culture and ideas of national identity, and if a country has the moral right to protect its culture against foreign influence.

5. Morality

Dan and Christian wonder if there is more than one morality, whether respect is bound by culture, and the nature of shame.

6. Equality

Dan and Christian unpack what a ‘fair go’ really means, if it relies on your choices or your circumstances, and if a nation should redistribute wealth among its citizens.